What is Dixieland Band Music?

When most people think of Dixieland music, their minds go to toe-tapping, old-timey jazz music played by entertainers in bowties. But there’s more to the art and sound of this genre that make it a favorite for many types of parties, corporate events, and festivals.

A Little Background

The sounds of Dixieland music date back to the early 20th century, and were revived during the 1940s and ‘50s, particularly in New Orleans. The name “Dixieland” refers to the pre-Civil-War Southern States or the “Old South,” below the Mason-Dixon line. Some may also refer to it as traditional jazz or classic jazz. Whatever you call it, the genre itself is rich in history and spirit.


Dixieland band instrumentation varies by ensemble, but the definitive sound of this music features trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and a rhythm section comprised of a banjo, tuba/bass, and drums. Typical structure involves one instrument playing the melody or main themes, while the others use that tune as a foundation for simultaneous improvisation. With Dixieland bands, there’s always something to keep your attention!


Dixieland Jazz at Events

Live music in this upbeat genre is the perfect fit for outdoor festivals, conferences, corporate parties, and even weddings! Butler Music Dixieland band has played at events ranging from rehearsal dinners to New Orleans and Great Gatsby themed parties, playing all of the traditional Mardi Gras and Roaring 20s music.

Interested in booking a solo musician, quartet, or a full marching band for your event’s main entertainment? Contact us today to learn more!

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