Ideas for Corporate Event Music Entertainment

What can make or break a corporate event or company party? Sure, food and venue are crucial, but the one thing that can command everyone’s attention or move them to the dance floor is music entertainment. Whether it’s a business awards ceremony or your company’s holiday party, we’ve got corporate event music ideas and service offerings to make your event one to remember.

What to Consider

Before planning your next corporate event, ask yourself these questions to help determine your needs:

  • Are you looking for background music or feature entertainment?
  • Will there be different parts of the event where style of music might change (e.g. a background solo pianist during cocktail hour and a big jazz band for the reception)?
  • Does your event require that guests are entertained throughout, or will they be networking, socializing, and discussing business?
  • What is your guests’ age range?
  • Is there a designated theme to the event?

Strolling Musicians

Not all music entertainment has to be stationary! If the event is outdoors or doesn’t have a stage, those are perfect occasions for strolling musicians — performers who move throughout the venue among guests for up-close, dynamic entertainment. Popular strolling music groups include stringed instruments like guitar and violin, woodwind instruments, and even a full Dixieland band.

Take Requests from Guests

Incorporating the music requests and tastes of event attendees is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained. There are a couple of ways to do so: the band can accept requests at the event and feed off the audience, or you can collect song requests beforehand from each guests on their event RSVPs.

Match Your Music to a Theme

Nothing rounds out a themed party like music. Whether it’s USO ‘40s, Mardis Gras, Tropical Jazz, Gatsby, Mariachi or Motown, live corporate event music entertainment can bring an authentic vibe and transport guests to another era. Themed music doesn’t need to last throughout the whole night to make an impact — incorporating and dispersing feature hits will do the trick.

Accompany Award Ceremonies

Ever been to an award ceremony with long, awkward silences between recipients? Live musicians, like a solo pianist or jazz trio, are able to tastefully fill those gaps and keep the audience engaged with background music. The focus of any ceremony should be on the celebration of achievements, not how many times guests yawn!

Keep it Interactive

When it comes to music for corporate events and big parties, you’ll want something more interactive and appealing than simply hooking up a playlist and letting it run for hours. Hiring an emcee, DJ, or a live band is a surefire way to boost the atmosphere as they move the audience, take song requests, and tailor the tune selections to the general mood.

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